Texas hold 'em poker

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Texas Hold ’em Poker is played with a deck of fifty-two playing cards, consisting of four suits (Hearts-Diamonds-Clubs-Spades). The Ace has the highest value, the two the lowest, and no suit is worth more than another.

The players play against each other, not against the Casino, and the Steward (the Game Supervisor) directs play only, ensuring that the rules are observed, dealing the cards, checking the stakes and, if necessary, changing chips for players and taking a commission (Cagnotte - Rake) of any wins, according to the percentages established by the Casino.

Only players can sit at the table, and to begin the game at least two of the ten places at the table must be occupied. If all the places at the table are taken reservations can be made by giving the Floorman your name.

To win, players must create a combination of cards that is higher than that of the other players using the five best cards chosen from the two cards (Hole Cards) dealt face down to each player initially and the five community cards laid out on the table at three different stages during the hand.

The winning combinations are the classic, fifty-two card Poker combinations.


The player in the dealer position (i.e. the last player that cards are dealt to) is indicated by a circular Dealer Button that is slightly larger than the traditional chips, marked with a “D” or the word Dealer, and placed in front of their position at the table. At the start of every round in the game the Dealer Button is moved one place in a clockwise direction.
The hand begins when the two players to the left of the Dealer Button lay down an obligatory bet of the set amount. These bets are called the Small Blind and the Big Blind.
The Steward then deals two cards face down to each of the players at the table. The cards are dealt one at a time starting from the Small Blind (the first player sitting immediately to the left of the button).Once the cards have been dealt, the players can begin to bet, starting with the player sitting on the left of the Big Blind. The stake must be at least the same amount as the Big Blind

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pairs
Highest card



At the end of every round of bets and having discarded a card without looking at it, the steward lays three cards face up on the table. This is known as the Flop. These are community cards and are used by each player to make the best possible combination. The Flop is followed by a second betting round.


After the flop betting round has ended, the steward again discards a card and then lays another card face up on the table. This is another community card (known as the Turn), and it is laid next to the three Flop cards. The Turn is followed by a third betting round.


Following the same procedure a fifth card is then laid face up on the table. This is known as the River and this card marks the last betting round.

The steward then invites the players still in the game to Showdown, i.e. to turn the cards face up on the table. The player who wins the pot is the one with the highest combination. If the winning combination is tied, the pot is split between them.

Once the hand is complete the button is moved one place to the left and this signals the start of a new hand.



The initial bet


To pass on the hand letting the other players call


To see or accept play by staking the same amount


To raise a stake by laying a higher bet


To throw in one’s hand leaving the stakes on the table

All in

To put all the stakes in the pot


We suggest that players confirm every play they make by calling them out loud. This will safeguard them against making mistakes or interpreting the game incorrectly.

Any dispute that may arise will be settled without right of appeal by the Gaming Management.